Appointment Reports vs. Payment Reports

Goldie aims to help our users understand their business's performance better. For our Pro and Pro Plus subscribers, we offer detailed reports that provide valuable insights into your operations. However, it's essential to differentiate between the two primary types of reports: Appointment Reports and Payment Reports.

Appointment Reports

When you upgrade to a Pro subscription, and if the payment option is not enabled, you will have access to reports based solely on your existing appointments. Here's what you can expect from the Appointment Reports:

  • Revenue Report - This shows the total projected revenue for the selected time period based on the prices of services in appointments.

  • Services Report - Provides a detailed breakdown of your projected revenue by service for the chosen time period.

  • Staff Report - Provides a detailed breakdown of your projected revenue by a staff member (for Pro Plus) for the chosen time period.

Payment Reports

If the payment option is activated, in addition to the above, you will have reports that focus on transactions that have occurred through the payment system. Here's what the Payment Reports detail:

  • Revenue Report - Displays the total money actually charged and collected from customers for appointments.

  • Breakdown of revenue by payment method, whether it's cash or card.

  • Breakdown by staff

  • Transactions & Payouts

How to View Reports

  • Open the Goldie app & Navigate to Menu (☰) → Reports.

  • Choose the type of report you'd like to view: Appointment, Payments, Clients.

The essential difference between these reports is:

Appointment Reports reflect the revenues based on the services linked with the appointments created.

Payment Reports represent actual transactions, showing what has been charged and collected from customers for their appointments.

This differentiation is crucial as it helps users discern between potential earnings and actual earnings, enabling better financial management and forecasting.

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