Client Profile Overview

The Client Profile now features a comprehensive mini-report that provides essential statistics and important insights at a glance. Additionally, we've reorganized the information into four easy-to-access tabs: Details, Appointments, Notes, and Photos.

1.1 Action buttons:

  • Call: Initiates a direct call with the client.
  • Send message: Pops open the message composer targeting the client.
  • Send an email: Auto-launches, the default email composer.
  • Add new appointment: Automates the process of scheduling a new appointment.

Note: The presence of action buttons is contingent upon the completion of the associated field, e.g., if no email is provided, the "send email" button will be absent.

1.2 Details tab:

Mini-report: The mini-report displays the following key metrics:

  • Number of Total Appointments: See the total count of appointments scheduled for the client, including recurring appointments' generated instances.
  • Number of No-shows and Cancelations: Keep track of no-shows and cancellations to better manage your schedule and client interactions.
  • Total Revenue Since Client Creation: View the total revenue generated from completed appointments for the client since their first appointment.

Client Notes

  • You can now add Client Notes and choose to have them displayed on every appointment. This way, important information, such as allergies or specific preferences, will be highlighted at the moment an appointment is created.


  • We've introduced a Location field in the Client entity, which is synchronized with the Location from the Appointment entity. Any updates to the location in an appointment will automatically populate the location field for the corresponding client and vice versa. Additionally, when adding a new appointment, the location will be prefilled if available in the client's details.

Birthday and Reminder

  • To make your clients feel extra special, we've added a Birthday field. You can save your client's birthday, and we'll send you a push notification at 9 AM local time on their birthday as a reminder to send them a greeting.

*Note: Birthday reminders are exclusively available in the Pro and Pro Plus plans, providing you with an added benefit to celebrate your clients' special days. If you're on a different plan, consider upgrading to unlock this feature and other valuable tools to grow your business.

1.3 Appointments tab:

In the Appointments tab, you'll find a comprehensive list of all appointments scheduled for the client. The status for each appointment (Upcoming, Confirmed, No-show, Canceled, Completed) will be clearly displayed for easy reference. Additionally, the year will only be shown if an appointment is not in the current year.

1.4 Notes tab:

The Notes tab aggregates all the notes from appointments, allowing you to find crucial information without scrolling through your calendar. Additionally, photos added to appointments will also be displayed in this tab.

1.5 Photos tab:

The Photos tab provides you with a complete gallery of all photos from appointments. You can easily access and view these photos in one place, making it convenient for you to reminisce about your client's experiences.

Block client feature:

  • In the Pro and Pro Plus plans, we've introduced the ability to block clients from booking appointments online. This feature empowers you to manage your schedule and ensure a positive client experience. If you encounter a client whom you no longer wish to book appointments with, simply block them from the Client Profile.

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