Can I send a mass/bulk message to all my clients?

Subscribers to Goldie's Pro and Team plans can easily send mass messages to multiple clients at once. This enables them to communicate more efficiently with many clients, such as providing updates on availability or sharing promotions. To send a mass message, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Goldie (and ensure you are logged into your account)
  2. Go to Menu (☰) → Marketing → Mass message
  3. Tap on each of the following details to edit the message before you send
    1. Message — to enter the contents you’d like to send
    2. Recipients — select the audience you’d like from the following list:
      1. All clients
      2. Clients who had an appointment in the past [period of time you select]
      3. Clients who have an appointment scheduled in the next [period of time you select]
      4. Clients who you haven’t seen in the last [period of time you select] 
    3. Group size — some mobile carriers have a limit to how many recipients can receive a single text message, so the group size is used to ‘batch’ your messages into sub-groups that you’ll send the message to
  4. Tap “Send now” once you’ve finished editing the message.

Mass messages are NOT sent through Goldie’s automated message system. You’ll need to tap the “Send” button.

Note: If the message does not send successfully, try reducing your group size (you may be exceeding your carrier’s limit).

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