How do I integrate my Online Booking link with Instagram’s Book button?

Note: Some customers are experiencing an issue where the sign-in with Goldie step errors out and does not load. We are actively working with Meta on this issue but there is currently no timeline for the issue to be fixed.

Adding a “Book” button to your Instagram page is straightforward and can help make it easier for new customers to make appointments with you. Follow the steps below to add your button.

(Note: if you’re planning to add an online booking button to your Facebook and Instagram pages for your business, check out our article on Adding a “Book now” button to your Facebook page - it will show you how to add buttons to both pages simultaneously.)

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to your business profile page (note: if your Instagram page isn’t set up as a business profile, you can find instructions to update it here)

  2. Select “Edit Profile”

  3. Tap on “Action buttons”

  4. Tap on “Book Now” and then select “Goldie” from the list of options

  5. You will then be redirected to sign in to your Goldie account

    1. If you use an email address and password to log into Goldie, enter those credentials

    2. If you created your account/sign in using Google, Apple, or Facebook, you’ll need to determine the right email address (it will be the one associated with the account on the platform you used to sign in) and set up a password

      1. To see the email address you used to create your account, open Goldie and go to Menu > My Account.

      2. To create a password, open Goldie and go to Menu > My account > Add password.

    3. Once you’ve identified the email address associated with your account and created your password, go back to the Instagram app and sign in using the email address and the newly created password

  6. Tap on the “Continue as [your name],” and the Instagram app will ask for permission to sync with your app.

  7. You’ll have the opportunity to review settings for the sync before clicking “Continue” and finalizing the connection. Be sure to review the information and confirm that you’re adding the button to the right page/profile

A few moments after you complete these steps, the “Book Now” button will appear on your Instagram profile page, and your customers will be able to book there directly.

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