Reports Overview

Our recently updated reports aim to offer you a comprehensive overview of your business data. These reports are categorized into three types: Appointments, Payments (specifically for users utilizing Goldie payments), and Clients.

Let's explore the key features:

1. Forecast 

Goldie users can choose to include a forecast in their reports. This feature projects earnings from upcoming appointments, providing insights into expected revenue.

To do so, go to Menu > Reports > Select the preferred report. Under the total amount field, tap on the "Include forecast" button. *Note, the forecast will provide information only for the duration selected: Week, Month, or Year.

2. Custom Date Ranges

To accommodate businesses with fiscal years differing from the standard January to December format (e.g., UK, Australia), users can select a custom date range when generating a report.

To do so, go to Menu > Reports > Select the preferred report and tap on the "Custom" button. Tap on the "Date range" field and you will be able to select an interval.

3. Revenue Breakdown by Payment Method

For Goldie payments users, access a breakdown of revenue by payment method, whether it's cash or card. You can also mark payments as cash directly from the appointment's payment screen.

To do so, go to Menu > Reports > Tap on the "Payments" section.

4. Weekly Email Report

Goldie users will receive a weekly email report for insights into business performance, giving an overview of the past week, and, for paid subscribers, a look at the week ahead. (Currently only available for some users)

5. Enhanced Exportable Reports

Our exportable reports provide detailed information about your appointments/payments outside of the app. In these reports you have access to "Date", "Time", "Duration" (in hours and minutes) and "Status" (e.g., Completed) of the appointment have been added. The Appointments report is further broken down by staff and service, while the Payments report provides a breakdown by staff and payment method, including Tips and Sales tax.

To export the reports, go to Menu > Reports > Select your preferred report and tap on the "Export" button. You will receive an email from Goldie with a file including your reports.

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