How can I add forms to my online booking page?

The Forms feature is available exclusively to Pro Plus Plan users. This feature allows account owners to create forms that can be assigned to services, enabling businesses to gather essential client information, enhance service delivery, and ensure compliance. 

Admin and staff users can view these forms in the Appointment Details screen.

How to access Forms: Open the Goldie app (available on AppStore/Google PlayStore or WebApp), go to Menu, and tap on Forms.

After tapping on the forms button, you will be able to customize your form by adding your questions or requirements.

*Note: For each question added, you are able to select the answer type (Text | Yes or No), Availability (Select the services that require a form. By default, all services are selected.), Frequency (on every appointment or once per client), and require a Signature from the customer (toggle the signature requirement on or off).

You are able to add up to 99 new questions. Each question text is fully customizable and you are able to add up to 1000 characters.

Also, if you select the answer type "Text," your customer will be able to add text of up to 1000 characters.

Appointment DetailsA new Form section is added to this screen. The default status is NOT COMPLETED until the customer fills the form with the required information. If the form was completed, tap on the "Form" section and you will be able to see the answers.

Booking Website & Appointment Link

When activated, the form will appear on the appointment page with instructions to fill it in before the appointment. A new button, Complete form, is added.


For which clients will the form be available?

It will be available for clients selecting services set to trigger the form. By default, all services are selected.

Where will clients see the form they need to complete?

If enabled, clients will see the form on your website's appointment booking page when prompted to pay a deposit or the remaining amount for an appointment.

Where do I see the completed forms by my clients?

Completed forms can be viewed in the Appointment Details screen, changing status from NOT COMPLETED to COMPLETED once submitted.

How can I adjust how often a form is presented to my clients?

You can adjust the frequency in the Edit Form screen: either "ONCE PER CLIENT" or "ON EVERY APPOINTMENT."

Can I add a signature for consent on a form?

You can add a signature in the form settings and customize the consent clause.

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