I got logged out of Goldie. How do I log back in?

To sign in again and access your appointments/information, you'll need to log in using the same method that you used to create your account originally. 

You may have recently received an email from the Goldie team letting you know what method you used to create your account. The email indicates which of the following 3 options you used to create your account and how to log back into it.

There are three (3) login options available through Goldie:

  1. Sign in with Apple - signing in with this method involves tapping the "Continue with Apple" button on the Goldie login screen. If you receive the following message when trying to log in, tap the "Continue with Apple" button instead (disregard the message saying to use an email).

  2. Social sign-in (Facebook/Google) - signing in with these methods involves tapping one of the logo buttons on the Goldie login screens, then logging into that associated Facebook or Google account. Be sure to select the appropriate Facebook/Google account.

  3. Email address & Password - this login method involves entering your email address and password for Goldie but is only available to users who created their account with that method. (Even though all users have an email address associated with their account, not all users can use this method to sign in.)
    1. Note: If you enter a different email address than the one you used to create your Goldie account initially, you may end up creating a new account. If you log into a blank account and think it may be a result of using the wrong email address to log in, please contact our support team and provide your phone number so that we can look up your existing account.

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