How do I create services?

Listing your services in Goldie helps keep your business organized and allows customers to easily schedule appointments through your online booking site. Follow these steps to add new services to your business:

  1. Open Goldie (and ensure you are logged into your account)

  2. Go to Menu (☰) → Services

  3. Tap on the “+” symbol in the top right corner.

  4. Enter the details for the service, including:
    1. Name – what you want the service to appear as
    2. Price — you can set a “Fixed Price” (single numerical amount) or “Variable price” (which lets you enter text explaining the price, such as “Price vary for each individual, but generally range from $40-80”)
    3. Duration – You can set the duration for any length from 5 minutes to 24 hours. You can also choose to add processing time or block extra time by tapping “More options.”
      1. By enabling “Processing time,” you can add a block of time after the service, which is bookable by other clients online.
      2. By enabling “Block extra time,” you can block time for cleaning, traveling to your next client, or anything else you need
    4. Color – You can select a color for each service to help you find your appointments on the calendar quickly (every service will automatically have a default color assigned to it)
    5. Default service for new clients – If this option is checked, it will automatically insert the service into any new appointment you create in your calendar
    6. Bookable by clients online – Toggling this option on/off will determine whether this service is available for clients to book through your online booking site.
    7. Deposit amount – Set a custom deposit fee for your services. If you enable a custom fee, it will overlap the global fee set to your account.
    8. Add photo – Adding photos to services is essential for enhancing the experience, building trust, and attracting new clients. These visual representations not only showcase the beautician's expertise and unique style but also provide clients with a clear understanding of the services offered. 

When you create a new appointment and add a client, the service(s) from that client’s last appointment will automatically be added to the new appointment.

Note for Pro Plus plan subscribers: You can now assign specific services to specific Staff Members. To do so, make sure the “Bookable by clients option” is enabled for the service. Then, tap on “Staff” and assign your services to the desired Staff Members.

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