Customizable Field in Goldie App's Online Booking

Customizable Field is designed to cater to the specific needs of tattoo artists, physical therapists, massage therapists, driving instructors, dog groomers, and many other service providers who require additional information from their clients during the booking process. 

Accessing the Customizable Field

The Customizable Field can be accessed through the following path:  Menu > Settings > Online Booking > Booking Website. 

1. By default, the Customizable Field will be pre-populated as "Message" to avoid confusion with the existing "Notes" field. However, you have the flexibility to change the title according to your specific requirements. 

Additionally, you can add a description to provide clear instructions to your clients about what kind of information you expect them to fill in this field.

2. The Customizable Field can be set as “required” or “optional” based on your preferences. If the field is not required, it will be displayed with the title followed by "(optional)." On the other hand, if the field is marked as required, your clients will need to fill in at least one character or upload a photo or provide location details before proceeding with the booking.

3. The Customizable Field supports multiple lines and paragraphs, allowing your clients to provide comprehensive information.

Benefits of the Customizable Field

1. Personalization: Tattoo artists, for example, can use this feature to ask clients for specific design preferences or describe the tattoo they desire in detail.

2. Photo Upload: Service providers like dog groomers can benefit from the ability to receive photos of pets, allowing them to better understand the grooming needs.

3. Location Information: Driving instructors can ask clients to provide their location for easy planning of driving lessons.

4. Health Details: Physical therapists can use this feature to inquire about any health-related information to ensure personalized and safe treatment.

Appointment Management Page

The information gathered through the Customizable Field will be available on the Appointment Details screen:

- Business Address: If the client did not fill in the location field during the booking process, the appointment will display the address set by you.

- Your Location: If the client provided a location during the online booking or if you entered a location manually, it will be displayed in the appointment details.

Email Confirmations

All the fields completed by the client during the booking process, including the Customizable Field, photo, and location, will be included in the booking and rescheduling confirmation emails.

Viewing Client Information

In the Appointment Details and Pending Appointment sections, the location submitted by the client will be displayed as a single-line address, allowing you to easily navigate to it. The Customizable Field and photos will be displayed in the lower area of the screen, providing you with the necessary information about the booking.

On the Goldie web-app, clicking on the photo will open it in a new tab, allowing for a closer view if needed.

The Customizable Field in the Goldie app's Online Booking feature offers you the flexibility to gather personalized information from your clients, improving their booking experience and enabling you to cater to their specific needs. 

Whether you are a tattoo artist, physical therapist, driving instructor, or any other service provider, this new feature will help you streamline your appointment process and provide a more tailored service to your valued clients. Happy booking!

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