Two-Way-Texting overview

With Two-Way Texting, you can easily communicate with your clients directly within the Goldie app. Goldie creates a dedicated Messages chat for each client (Menu (☰) → Clients → Client profile → Messages tab), consolidating all exchanges between the business and the client in one convenient location.

This includes automated scheduled messages sent by Goldie, the client replies, and any additional replies sent via Goldie's messaging system or Vonage. You and your team can access these chats effortlessly through the Messages tab within the client profile.

You will receive push notifications every time a new message is received. Tapping on the notification opens the client Messages tab, displaying the latest message. Additionally, notifications will appear in the Notifications screen, providing quick access to ongoing conversations.

This feature is available only for Pro and Pro Plus users with automated message reminders. If you are using the manual sending method, you will be prompted to switch to automatic sending for seamless communication. You can also do that by going to Menu (☰) → Settings → Messages → Sending method.

If you are on the Pro Plus subscription, your team members can access client profiles and see who replied to messages, fostering collaboration and transparency. Also, Goldie retains message history for up to one year, ensuring you can reference past conversations even if switching between manual and automatic sending methods.

Will this consume more messages out of my monthly quota?

No, actually, it will consume fewer messages because instead of forwarding a customer reply to your phone number, we're going to display the reply directly in Goldie. So the new system will consume fewer messages to deliver a customer reply to you.

Goldie's Two-Way Texting feature marks a significant leap forward in client communication, empowering businesses to engage with their customers more effectively.

Countries with reply capabilities:

  1. US (United States)
  2. PR (Puerto Rico)
  3. CA (Canada)
  4. GB (Great Britain)
  5. VI (Virgin Islands)
  6. AU (Australia)
  7. IE (Ireland)
  8. ZA (South Africa)
  9. SE (Sweden)
  10. NL (Netherlands)

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