Appointment Management Link

Appointment Management Link allows clients to manage their appointments directly, facilitating actions such as confirmation, payment, rescheduling, and cancellation. By providing clients with more autonomy over their appointments, Goldie aims to streamline scheduling processes, reduce no-shows, and improve overall user experience.

This link provides clients with various options to manage their appointments conveniently, including:

- Confirmation: Clients can confirm their appointments directly through the provided link, reducing the need for manual confirmation processes.

- Payment: If applicable, clients can make payments for their appointments online using the integrated payment system.

- Rescheduling: Clients have the flexibility to reschedule appointments according to their availability, minimizing scheduling conflicts.

- Cancellation: In case of schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances, clients can cancel appointments hassle-free through the management link.

Getting Started

The Appointment Management Link feature is automatically enabled for all Goldie users. There's no need to enable it separately.

- Update Communication Templates: Ensure that your appointment confirmation messages or reminders include the Appointment Management Link dynamic field. This allows clients to access the management link seamlessly.

Steps: Go to Menu (☰) → Settings → Messages → Tap on the Reminder template.

How It Works:

1. When a user creates an appointment using Goldie, the system generates a unique Appointment Link for that appointment.

2. The Appointment Management Link is automatically included in appointment confirmation messages or reminders sent to clients.

Client Actions

1. Upon receiving the appointment confirmation message or reminder, clients can click on the Appointment Management Link provided.

2. Clients are directed to a dedicated web page where they can view details of their appointments and perform various actions such as confirmation, payment, rescheduling, or cancellation.

3. Clients select the desired action and follow the prompts to complete the process.

User Notifications

1. When a client takes action through the Appointment Management Link (e.g., confirmation or payment), the user receives real-time notifications within the Goldie app.

2. Users are promptly informed about any changes or updates made by their clients, allowing them to stay informed and manage their schedules effectively.

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