How do I change the appointment status?

You can easily change or set the status of an appointment by taking these steps:

  1. Open Goldie and tap on the appointment for which you’d like to change the status.

  2. On the “Appointment details” screen, tap current “Status” at the top of the page to open up a drop-down menu.

  3. Select the appropriate status from the list of options:
    1. Upcoming - This is the default status for any new appointment created in the app or by a client through your online booking site.

    2. Confirmed - An upcoming appointment is confirmed either when the client books and pays a deposit when booking the appointment (in which case Goldie automatically updates the status) or you manually change the status.

    3. Completed - An appointment is automatically changed to completed when the end time has passed. Users can also manually change the status to Completed as relevant.

    4. Canceled - An appointment can be canceled manually by the user by changing the status directly or by the client if they cancel a booking made via your online booking site. Canceled appointments are removed from your calendar but will remain in the client’s appointment history.

    5. No-Show - To be classified as a No-Show, you must manually select this option.

*Note: You'll be prompted to confirm the status change when switching an appointment to Canceled or No-show status. Once an appointment is moved to Canceled or No-Show, the status cannot be changed back to Upcoming, Confirmed, or Completed.

After confirming the new status, make sure you communicate changes to your clients as needed. For appointments made through your online booking site, clients will be automatically notified if you change the status to Canceled.

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