Potential Disputes

For the majority of your payments, our machine learning system provides real-time transaction scoring at the time of payment, but in some instances, we learn more about a payment’s risk level after it’s been processed. In these scenarios, Goldie Payments is able to determine if a payment has a high likelihood of being disputed. This occurs when a cardholder lodges a claim of fraud with their bank but an official chargeback has not occurred. When this happens, you will be notified by email and will see it on the payments screen in the app.

Based on our analysis, almost 90% of the time, these become a dispute within 48 hours. To prevent such disputes and ensure that your account stays in good standing, we strongly advise you to take necessary actions when notified of a potential dispute.

A potential dispute is most often triggered by the cardholder claiming they did not authorize their card to be charged. If you believe there is a chance the card on that transaction was stolen or used without permission, fully refunding this potential dispute is the only way to prevent it from occurring. This ensures that you do not have to pay the $15 dispute fee and ensures that your account stays in good standing with the credit card processors.

 We highly recommend that you act within 24 hours of being notified about a potential dispute to ensure your payment transactions continue to run smoothly. While refunding is the recommended action, you can also choose to prepare to contest the dispute. You can learn more about contesting a dispute by referencing this article.

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