How do I take payments from a client?

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Goldie empowers your business by enabling you to take three types of payments: deposits, remaining balances, and tips. Once you’ve set up payments, it’s easy to take all three.

Deposits: To set up your Goldie account so that clients must pay a deposit when they book an appointment, check out this article on setting a deposit amount. Your clients will be automatically required to pay a deposit when they book online. If they book via contacting you, you'll be able to send them a link to pay their deposit (and there appointment will not appear as confirmed on your calendar until they do).

Remaining balances and Tips: To take payment for any remaining balance (and potential tip) for an appointment, follow these steps in Goldie:

  1. Open Goldie (and ensure you are logged into your account)
  2. Select the appointment for which you want to collect payment by tapping it on your calendar or tapping its action card.
  3. Next to the remaining balance shown beneath the Service Total, tap “Take Payment”.
    1. Note: the amount for which you’ll be requesting payment is shown and will equal the remaining balance for the appointment. It does not include any tips.
  4. Select the method you’d like to use to collect payment:
    1. Send payment link - this enables you to text your client a link they can use to easily pay online via card. A draft message to the client will be pulled up and ready for you to send immediately after selecting this option.
      1. Note: When they check out, they’ll have the option to include a tip.
    2. Cash - for payments you collect manually, enter the amount you received.
      1. Note: Any amount that exceeds the Service Total for the appointment will be recorded as a tip.
    3. Tap to pay (currently available in the US only) - The Tap to Pay feature is an exclusive payment method available to Goldie users in the US who have activated payments and are using an Apple device with an iOS 15 or higher version, specifically an iPhone. This feature is designed to improve the user experience by providing a quick and easy payment option. With a simple tap, you can make a payment, streamlining the process and making it more user-friendly. 

Once you have sent a payment link to a customer, the “Take Payment” button will be replaced with a note confirming “Message sent.” Once the customer has paid, you will see a transaction record under the “Service Total” on the Appointment details page.

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