How to set-up the Goldie Card Reader

For our iOS users in the US, the Goldie Card Reader seamlessly integrates into the Goldie app, allowing both connections to a terminal and payment processing. Users can discover and utilize this feature through the Payment screen.

- Payment Method Selection: The Goldie Card Reader appears as a new payment method in the Payment screen, enhancing user flexibility.

- Set Up Wizard: Users who have purchased the card reader will be guided through a set-up process via an intuitive wizard. This ensures a smooth transition to using the new feature.

- Taking a Payment: The payment process is user-friendly: simply hold the card or phone to initiate payment, and the app will indicate successful or failed transactions.

Purchase of Card Reader from the Goldie app

Users can purchase a Goldie Card Reader for $59.99 through our Goldie Web app page. The reader is available in 4 designs: Celestial Gold, Ruffled Chic, Pastel Dreams, and Standard.

Steps to purchase the Card Reader:

- Click this link to go to the purchase page

- Login Requirement: You will need to log in to match your purchase with your business account, ensuring a secure and personalized experience.

- Terminal Designs: You can choose from various terminal designs, enhancing personalization.

- Shipping Information: The purchase page collects shipping and billing addresses, as well as an email address for shipping notifications.

Connecting the Card Reader

- To use the terminal, you must connect a card reader terminal to their iOS device.

- On the Payment screen, the Goldie card reader option will be presented as a new payment method.

- For first-time use, a Set Up Wizard will guide the user through the connection process.

Set Up Wizard Process:

1. Activate Bluetooth - Ensure that the iOS device’s Bluetooth is on and not connected to any other card reader.

2. Power up your reader - Instruct users to turn on their reader using the charging cable and power button.

3. Connecting - The system connects to the reader. 

4. Checking for updates - Searches for available software updates for the card reader.

5. Updating software - Users are advised not to turn off Goldie or Bluetooth during this step.

6. Confirmation - A final screen confirms that the card reader is connected and ready for use.

Payment Process

When you select the Goldie card reader option on the Payment screen, they can process payments by swiping, inserting, or tapping the card on the reader. The app communicates payment success or failure back to you.

Learn more about the Stripe Reader M2.


The Goldie Card Reader feature provides a new payment processing avenue for professionals using Goldie’s app on Apple devices, allowing for quick and convenient transactions through a physical card reader terminal.

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