How do I contest a chargeback (disputed transaction)?

For Goldie subscribers located in the U.S., U.K., and Canada who have set up the Payments feature and begun collecting payments from their clients, it is possible you may experience a chargeback (disputed transaction).

A chargeback is when the issuer of your client’s card takes back the payment, which results in an “involuntary” refund to your client. This is often the result of your client looking at the charge from your business (via Goldie) and flagging it as incorrect. Clients may do so for a variety of reasons, such as not recognizing where the charge was from or believing that they were charged an incorrect amount.

Chargebacks come with an additional cost beyond refunding the client: whenever a transaction is disputed, card networks charge the merchant a dispute fee — which is typically $15 USD. This means that your Goldie account balance will be debited for the total transaction amount and for the dispute fee whenever you experience a chargeback.

The goal of the dispute process is to prevent fraudulent activity by either businesses or clients. If you are confident that you provided your client with the product they paid (or planned to, for deposits) and had your transaction blocked, there are two steps you can take to try to reverse the chargeback:

  1. Communicate directly with your client — this is almost always the fastest and most effective way to resolve any issues around a transaction. Sending your client a reminder (and potentially proof, such as a photo or receipt) of the service you provided can encourage them to cancel their dispute via their card issuer.
  2. Contest the dispute — if your client does not reverse their dispute/chargeback, and you can prove that they should have paid for the service, our team will help you contest the dispute. To start the process of contesting a dispute, email our support team with the subject line "Contest a dispute." Please be sure to include key information, such as the amount and date of the disputed transaction. Our team will then work with you to assemble the evidence needed to contest it. 
    1. Please use the email associated with your Goldie account when submitting the information below.

Here are some other resources about contesting a dispute:

It's important to connect with us about contesting chargebacks/disputed transactions as soon as possible. Evidence must be submitted within seven (7) days of the dispute being filed.

After submitting evidence, it can take 30 - 60 days for the bank to rule on your dispute.

For Goldie subscribers located in all other countries (besides the U.S., U.K., and Canada), contact Stripe’s support team to context a chargeback/disputed transaction. To do so, visit and log in with your Stripe account information.

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